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Our solution for inventory control ...
and more!


Inventory Magic Spreadsheet (IMS)
(Based on Excel, which you already know)


Inventory Control is now as easy
as 1, 2, 3!


Step One – Watch the quick tour videos.

(Approx. 4 min. each)


IMS Basic Edition Video Quick Tour

IMS Deluxe Edition Video Quick Tour

IMS Pro Edition Video Quick Tour


Step Two – Review the features of the 3 versions of IMS


Table of IMS Features

Video of IMS Reports


Step Three – Purchase your copy of IMS on Amazon.


IMS Basic Edition - $19.95

IMS Deluxe Edition - $59.95

IMS Pro Edition - $99.95



Bonus Material:


Reports & Workheets

Inventory Report

Order Report

Project Job Cost Report

Item History Report

Physical Inventory Count Worksheet





Manuals & Read Me Files

Sample Reports

IMS Demos

Videos: Quick Tours of IMS

Video: IMS Reports






Who uses IMS? - May 1, 2018

Inventory Magic Reports - May 14, 2018

Free Support - May 21, 2018



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