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Inventory Magic Spreadsheet
"Pro" Quick Tour

#1 The Count Sheet


Purpose: To update the 'On Hand Quantity' based on a physical count. In this example we counted 725 cans of Budweiser. We need to adjust the Current Quantity to equal the Physical Count. So, we click on the 'Update quantities' button and IMS will make the inventory adjustment

#2 The List & Rules Sheet


Purpose: This is where we store several pieces of information. 1.List of Projects, Jobs, and Customers. (Inventory Out) 2. List of Vendors and Categories (Item Summary)   3. Number of decimal places for the 'Quantity on Hand' (Item Summary)

#3 The PJC Report



#4 ThePhysical Inventory Count Sheet:

An organized way to write down your inventory counts.

With or without "Quantity on Hand"



#5 The Item History Report:


 The ultimate audit trail.


A list of items moving in & out of inventory.

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