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RWS Information Systems offers three simple solutions for our clients.


Two solutions are Excel-based, thus leveraging the world's most popular spreadsheet software, so most people are already familiar with the Excel interface. The first—InventoryMagic—is to help customers manage and control their inventory. The second—TimeTracker—is to help customers track time spent.


Our third solution—QR Codes— provides dynamic QR codes so our clients can make it easier for their own customers to view their websites; literature; etc.


InventoryMagic Spreadsheet (our inventory management software) is available as either a software license or as monthly subscription. TimeTracker (our time tracking software) is also available as either a software license or as a monthly subscription.


Our QR Codes are available for purchase on a QR code-by-code basis, or as a monthly subscription.


And we offer discount packages for any combination of our products. Check it out.

03 QR Code - 5 Pack

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Product Details

The QR Code was developed over 20 years ago, but it’s use has exploded over the last 5 years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants and other businesses used QR Codes to limit physical contact with customers. Since then, QR Codes have been used to access websites, watch videos, view resumes, query opinions, and much much more.

QR Codes come in 2 flavors - Static & Dynamic - The Dynamic QR Code has several advantages over the Static code.

1 Keeps track of the number of times it has been scanned.

2. You can change the end "destination" without having to reprint / distribute a new QR Code

3. Color options which increase the likelihood of your QR Code being scanned.

We will deliver one DYNAMIC QR Code based on your specifications. Delivery time is one business day. Here are the file formats available:

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NOTE: We offer volume discounts; contact us for information.

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