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Inventory Magic Spreadsheet Videos: 3


Discover how our inventory spreadsheet

can help you take control of your inventory.

We developed InventoryMagic Spreadsheet

to be easy to learn and fun to use.

InventoryMagic Spreadsheet is an Excel

workbook on steroids. Leverage your Excel skills!

Explore the features of InventoryMagic by watching

our 3 Quick Tour videos below.

Please Note: Audio is set on mute by default

You can watch the videos on your PC or

scan the QR Code to watch them

on your smartphone.

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Inventory Magic Spreadsheet Video #1 - INTRODUCTION

Video 1 Anchor

This video reviews the following 4 items
- The
Item Summary Sheet: A quick overview of your current inventory levels
- The
Inventory In Sheet: Add items to your inventory
- The
Inventory Out Sheet: Subtract items from your inventory 
- The
Inventory Report: Review your data quickly and easily

Inventory Magic Spreadsheet Video #2 - TIME-SAVING FEATURES

IMS Video 2 Anchor

These features are designed to save you time.
- The 
Item Setup Sheet: Transfer your existing data into InventoryMagic Spreadsheet.
Get data from your Vendors.
- The 
Transfer In Sheet: Manage cases with different item quantities easily.
For example you get Coke cans in 6 packs, 12 packs & 24 packs.
- The
Transfer Out Sheet: Manage kits of products or individual items with ease.
- The
Order Report: Know when to reorder stock and how much it will cost.
Set your minimum and maximum levels and InventoryMagic will do the rest.

IMS Video 3 Anchor

InventoryMagic Spreadsheet Video #3 - POWER USER FEATURES

These 'power features' will make you an inventory pro!
Count Sheet: Make quantity adjustments in seconds
Lists & Rules Sheet: Provides data validation, automatic backup, and more
PJC Report: Calculate the inventory cost for projects, jobs, and clients
Item History Report: Keep track of all inventory changes and keep your stock secure
Physical Inventory Count Sheet: Handouts for the inventory takers


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