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Shown below are introductions, videos and demos for our InventoryMagic and TimeTracker software solutions.


Learn more about keeping track of your inventory, or about keeping track of your time using the power of Excel spreadsheets. And since both are Excel solutions—the world’s most popular spreadsheet software—they are easy to learn and use.


See how InventoryMagic can help you manage your inventory; keep inventory under control (and avoid out-of-stock situations); recommend reorders from your vendors; and much more.


See how TimeTracker allows you to track your time on projects, for clients, etc.


See how QR Codes can make it easier for your clients to simply scan your QR codes to visit the sites and information that you want them to view.

Inventory Magic Spreadsheet Resources:

Manuals - Demo Software

Inventory Magic Videos - 3

Time Tracker Resources:

Time Tracker PDF Overview

Time Tracker Video - 1

Time Tracker Demo

QR Code Resources:

QR Code Overview
QR Code Video - 1

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