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Excel Training - Easy - Intermediate & Advanced Excel Tips & Tricks - Vol #2

Updated: Jan 26

December 1, 2022

Easy Trick

You have data in different columns, and you want to combine them into a new column. In the example below, we have data in columns A, B, C & D. We need to combine those columns to give us a new column with that data.

We are going to write a formula that will do this for us. The formula bar displays this formula. It tells Excel that we want to combine A1 - then 2 spaces - then B1 - then a space - then 3 dots - then another space - then C1 - then a space hyphen space - and finally D1. The result of the formula is the contents of E1.

The next step is to fill down.

And last, copy and paste special (values) so Column F is only data (no formulas)

Here's a video on the same topic.

Intermediate - Stay tuned

Advanced - Stay tuned

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