Generate instant income from where you are, and help Feeding America. Just talk to people you know.

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Americans are now facing the highest inflation since the 70s. Rent, food, gas, medical all going through the roof! If you’re feeling stressed (and who isn’t), READ ON...

I’m excited to tell you about a business opportunity that you can manage from your home, or wherever you are (maybe the beach) working with your friends and business contacts to spread the word.

Our company develops affordable computer solutions that help people, businesses, and organizations. (We have been in business since 1991 and have clients in different countries. We are now expanding to include an affiliate marketing program. It's a simple as this. You recommend one of our solutions, and you earn a commission when the sale is made.

RISK/REWARD: There’s 0 risk, no start-up costs and you set your own schedule.

COST/BENEFIT: No need to be a techie; just reach out to the people you know. For every lead you generate that results in a sale, you earn a commission. (See Below) It's that simple. In addition, for every sale, we will donate to Feeding America (FA) (the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization—a powerful and efficient network of 200 food banks across the country, highly rated by Charity Navigator).


A table that details the commission available for each product sold. Inventory Magic. Time Tracker. QR Code.
Affiliate Commission Table


Time Card Tracker or QR Codes YOU EARN $10 - IF YOU SELL 5 YOU EARN $50

Inventory Magic Spreadsheet PAYS $20 FOR EACH COPY - IF YOU SELL 5 YOU EARN $100

COMBOS #1 & 2 PAY $25 - 4 COMBOS AND YOU EARN $100


SHOW ME THE MONEY: You don’t need to buy anything; you simply open the door for your friends, relatives, associates of all types to review our products.

ENTER THE MAGIC: The wizardry behind our solution is based on an Excel spreadsheet that is easy to use and customize. Geared for small businesses, entrepreneurs and groups of all sorts and sizes, the program pays for itself by avoiding costly guesswork, supply disruptions and shortages. Presto-chango, problem solved! -

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