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Inventory Magic Spreadsheet - It's like having your inventory at your fingertips

Updated: Apr 26

We created Inventory Magic Spreadsheet to be an superior solution for inventory control. We based it on Excel so people could leverage the skills they already knew.

Instead of the Kitchen Sink approach to creating software, we carefully choose the key

factors needed and left all the other items to other software developers.

We wanted to price IMS so that it was affordable ($99)

We wanted people to understand how IMS works in under 30 minutes.

We wanted to include context based help, so if you were looking at a screen

(say the order report) the help would go directly to the overview of the

order report.

Finally, we wanted to make it address real world problems. (Like physical inventory)

We hope you agree that IMS will pay for itself many times over!

Here's a short intro to Inventory Magic Spreadsheet.

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