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Updated: 5 days ago

QR Code links to Leila Gharani on YouTube



QR Code displays Excel books written by Bob Umlas

AKA Excel Legend. Bob is available for Excel training.

Contact Bob - or 845.709.5409



QR Code links to They provide

a FREE daily tip.



QR Code links to Mac expert Zollotech.

They produce 3 New Videos Every Week.



We have a easy way to earn extra money.

Scan the code to get more info.



Video of how industrial robots are made.



Weekly Zoom meeting for Affiliate Marketing



Our unique method for rewarding your best customers.



Siri can call 911 for you.

Technology finally helping people.



Things google can do.



Our Home Page



Washington is broken, but we can fix it.

pdf article


This QR Code features sites celebrating

Black History Month.

A different site every day!



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