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Dynamic QR Codes: A Game Changer

Updated: 2 days ago

QR codes easily transmit information. Scan with the camera on your smartphone, and visit a website, watch a YouTube video, etc.

Dynamic v Static

Static QR codes: A one way street.

Dynamic QR codes: A three lane highway.

What are the benefits of Dynamic QR codes?

Can be changed or updated without having to reprint them.

Updates are instantaneous and occur in real time.

Monitor # of times QR code is scanned.

Color / Logo

Here are 5 examples of the different functionality of Dynamic QR codes.


Our company developed and sells an Excel spreadsheet for Inventory Control.

Inventory Magic Spreadsheet packs a lot of bang for the buck.

So, the QR Code below lets the user view each of the 3 videos on

their phone. There is also a purchase button available for the user.

So 3 videos plus a way to purchase. And no coding involved.

Inventory Magic Spreadsheet

3 videos


#2 An easy way to obtain customer

feedback on your restaurant.

Restaurant Feedback Form


#3 Bob Umlas Microsoft MVP (25 Years!)

Scan the QR Code and view the books Bob has written.

Click the purchase button an you go to the Amazon site

with his books selected! Again, no coding required. And when

Bob writes another book, we can easily modify the QR Code

without having to reprint & distribute a new QR Code.


#4 Two Basic Excel Tips

2 Basic Excel Tips that Everyone can use (Video)


This QR Code Directs users to our website.

The QR code lets users choose which part

of the website they want to access.

Finally, here is our summary QR code PDF:

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