QR Codes = Happy Customers = Profit!

Updated: Nov 23

Each of the QR Codes below does something different. Scan and enjoy!

(We recommend Kaspersky QR Scanner)


A list of Excel Legend's (AKA Bob Umlas) books

and an easy way to purchase them on Amazon:

QR Code displays books written by Excel Legend (Bob Umlas) AND a link to purchase on Amazon.
QR Code



A quick way to watch one of our training videos:

This QR Code was made to transport the user directly to our Time Tracker video.
QR Code



A QR Code for our home page. I include this in my emails & my Zoom sessions.



Say Hello. What's on your mind?



Download our Demos or Forms

(From our One Drive)



Always make it easy for customers to access your online store.


Finally, our QR Code Document