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Windows 365 is the future, now!

Updated: Mar 26

What are we talking about?

A virtual Windows 365 desktop in the Cloud. Any device. Any where. Any time. Plus: Flexibility. Security. Productivity. Cost Savings.

How does it work?

Microsoft's cloud platform (Azure) powered by the latest and fastest hardware and software. Users always get a fast, responsive experience regardless of their device.


This has been on my bucket list for a while. My own copy of Widows in the Cloud, including all my settings). I can run my apps and store my files. I can show you how our apps work.

A full version of Excel that can run Macros and Visual Basic. The latest Microsoft Bing that is AI / Chat GPT enabled.

Our 3 solutions:

  1. Inventory Magic Spreadsheet - Inventory Control anywhere on the planet.

  2. Time Tracker Spreadsheet - Project Management & Time Tracking

  3. Dynamic QR Codes - QR codes

Can you give me a tour?

You can access your Windows Desktop in the Cloud through a browser or the Remote Desktop app. (below)


Once you log into your PC, you get a familiar Windows Desktop:

So first I'm going to open Excel:

Next, I'm going to open our Inventory Magic Spreadsheet:

I can run my Inventory Magic Spreadsheet just like on my desktop PC. No difference.


And now Time Tracker Spreadsheet.


Third, I am going to generate a QR Code.

Everything I can do on my Desktop PC I can do in the Windows Cloud. I can also allow multiple people to access this. Run Zoom meetings. Print wherever I am. Share files via Dropbox.

Finally, since this is a Virtual Desktop, all of the equipment problems with a traditional PC are history! Along with the cost!!

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