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RWS Information Systems  has developed two easy-to-use Excel  spreadsheet solutions...

#1. Inventory Magic Spreadsheet provides Inventory Control, Inventory Management & Inventory Optimization.  The Inventory Magic Excel template makes inventory control easier and more effective helping you to optimize your cash flow! 
#2. Time Tracker Spreadsheet assists in  Tracking & Calculating Time. The Time Tracker template makes tracking and summarizing time projected or spent simple. These two Excel solutions immediately save you time and money!

In addition, our resident Excel expert Bob Umlas (Excel MVP 25 years) is available for online Excel Training, Excel Support, and Custom Spreadsheet Development. If you can imagine it, Bob can do it! Bob did all the work for Inventory Magic Spreadsheet & Time Tracker Spreadsheet.

Finally, we also create Dynamic QR Codes (see Blog for a longer discussion & specific examples). A Dynamic QR Code has significantly greater functionality than a static QR Code. A static QR Code takes the user to one location, while a Dynamic QR Code can have multiple destinations along with additional features, functions
& benefits for both the user and the creator. Think color, logo, number of times scanned, scanned location, etc.

Following are three short introductory videos of our solutions: #1 Inventory Magic Spreadsheet;
#2 Time Tracker Spreadsheet; and #3 Dynamic QR Codes.
Additional information and videos are available by clicking on the Product buttons listed just above.

Inventoy Magic Spreadsheet

#1 Introduction:  Inventory Magic Spreadsheet Video (Audio on mute)

Time Tracker Video

#2 Introduction:  Time Tracker Spreadsheet  Video (Audio on mute)

QR Coe Video

#3 Introduction:  QR Codes  Video. (no audio)

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